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OKUs must meet certain criteria to be eligible for welfare aid, says Fatimah
Tarikh : 14 Nov 2017  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post Online

THE reason why some individuals with disability (OKUs) are not receiving any welfare assistance could be due to them not meeting certain criteria.

In a response to a question raised by Allan Siden (BN-Machan) at yesterday’s sitting, Minister of Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development Datuk Fatimah Abdullah (BN-Dalat) said there are several welfare assistance schemes for OKUs in place at the moment, all with differing requirements for eligibility.

The three main schemes for adults are the Disabled Worker Allowance (EPC), Chronic Illness Assistance (BPT), and Unfit for Work Assistance (BTB).

For individuals with chronic illnesses, they should be able to receive RM300 per month under BPT so long as their monthly household income does not exceed RM3,000.

Those who are able to work will still be eligible for RM350 per month under EPC if they are employed with a monthly salary of less than RM1,200. Those who are self-employed are still eligible, but they need to show confirmation of their monthly income.

Under BTB, those whose disabilities impede them too much from working should be eligible for the monthly RM250 assistance, with an additional RM50 per month under state allowance.

On this, Fatimah said with all three schemes having different requirements, it is crucial for the OKUs to register formally with the Welfare Department and obtain their OKU identification card.

In response to Siden’s queries on the current OKU welfare assistance situation in Kanowit, Fatimah said: “The number of OKUs in Kanowit, as at September 2017, includes 15 EPC cases, 45 BPT cases and 172 BPB cases.

“The total amount is 232 cases, with a total expenses of RM540,750.”